2020 Board Elections

One position on the CCPM board of directors is turning over this year, with Raxa Sankreacha leaving after 2 consecutive 3-year terms, having served as registrar and board member at large. Three candidates have expressed interest in the open board position and their platform statements are posted below. The successful candidate will assume their duties on the board immediately following the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This year the AGM will be held virtually on December 4th and this on-line vote is being held prior to the AGM providing sufficient time for all members to vote. 

The CCPM embraces the diversity of its membership with respect to race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or origin and strives to reflect this diversity in the composition of the board of directors and committees in order to ensure unbiased decision-making, fair processes and appropriate outcomes in the delivery of our mission. The CCPM is seeking to fill this board position with a highly qualified individual who will serve with enthusiasm to uphold this mission and enhance the core values of the profession.

The CCPM examines candidates for membership and for fellowship distinction and our success depends strongly on the volunteerism of our many members who assist in examination processes and serve on the board. The CCPM is a Canadian not for profit organization, and the board of directors is legally responsible for the governance of the organization. The 8 individuals who serve on the board must be members of the CCPM in good standing and may or may not hold the fellowship distinction.

We look forward to receiving your vote!

Candidate Platform Statements

James Chow, FCCPMChowJ pic

 I am running for the position of Registrar on the CCPM Board.  At the top of my agenda is to improve the processes of exam registration and certification renewal to make it effective, efficient, and equitable.  I have gone through the process myself, receiving my MCCPM in 2003 and FCCPM in 2007. Since then, I have served as an invigilator for the MCCPM written exam for 6 years and an oral examiner for 3 years, which familiarized me with the procedures of the MCCPM certification. I am also informed by other professional certification processes. I have been working in the Professional Standard Committee of Institute of Physics in the UK for C.Phys. for 17 years, and in the Professional Certification Committee in the Canadian Association of Physicists for P.Phys. for 8 years.  I am a Medical Physicist at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and an Associate Professor at University of Toronto. 

Joseph E. Hayward, PhD, MCCPMHaywardJ pic

 Presently, I am a Senior Medical Physicist at the Juravinski Cancer Centre in Hamilton and an Associate Professor at McMaster University.  I am also the President of the Ontario Association of Medical Physicists.  I have been a Member of CCPM for 18 years.  During this tenure, I have served as COMP Councillor for Professional Affairs and I am currently the Chair of the COMP Science Committee.  Recently, I successfully put forward a by-law change allowing Members of the CCPM to be elected to the Board. Currently, all members of the CCPM Board have attained a Fellowship designation. CCPM membership is comprised predominantly of Members and these Members should have Board representation. If elected the first Member to a CCPM Board position, I would represent the entire membership. I believe my integrity and professionalism as well as my commitment to medical physics would allow my voice to be a valuable asset. 

Geetha Menon, PhD, FCCPMMenonG pic

The current pandemic has in several respects transformed the role of Medical Physicists and cemented the critical role we perform in the fight against cancer. CCPM has played an important part in this by certifying the most competent individuals for this esteemed profession. Hence, I am looking forward to this opportunity to be considered for the Registrar’s position in our College and would be deeply honored to serve our community in this capacity. From my previous volunteer experience with CCPM, I understand and appreciate the vital tasks the Registrar performs. If elected, I will passionately undertake all the responsibilities that come with this position and strive with the highest standards of professionalism to continue to improve the effectiveness of our Board. Along with our tightly-knit community, I aim to ensure that CCPM continues to mold and nurture the best leaders in the field.