About Certification

About Certification


Certification of competence in clinical medical physics is offered in four distinct sub-specialties:  Diagnostic Radiological Physics; Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Nuclear Medicine Physics; and Radiation Oncology Physics.  Candidates declare their sub-specialty at the time of application.  A separate exam is administered for each of the sub-specialties, although some material related to general medical physics is common to each of the exams.  Candidates who qualify for the Membership examination process must do a written exam and an oral exam in order to become certified.

Individuals seeking certification from CCPM must meet certain requirements. Applicants for Membership must hold a suitable graduate degree, and must meet a minimum requirement for patient-related work experience. Applicants for Fellowship must have additional work experience, and have made significant contributions in clinical service, education and/or research related to medical physics. Details of the requirements for both Membership and Fellowship can be found in the Application Instructions.

If the requirements are met, the applicant must then successfully complete the examination process, after which he or she will be elected to Membership or Fellowship at the next Annual General Meeting of the College.

Maintenance of Certification

Retention of competency certification (Membership) in the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine requires re-certification every five years. Re-certification consists of a credential review of evidence of clinical practice and appropriate continuing education.