Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The College is governed by a Board of individuals elected by the membership. Details of the positions and their terms are in the bylaws.

B. Gino Fallone, PhD, PPhys, FCCPM, DABMP, ABR(LoCE), FAAPM, FCOMP

Caroline Duchesne, MSc, FCCPM

Geetha Menon, PhD, FCCPM

Chief Examiner:
Geneviève Jarry, PhD, MBA, FCCPM

Deputy Chief Examiner:
Marcus Sonier, PhD, FCCPM

Fadi Hobeila, MSc, MBA, FCCPM

General Board Members:
Mike Sattarivand , PhD, PEng, FCCPM
Gabriela Stroian, PhD, FCCPM

Executive Director:
Erika Brown, CAE