Application Process

Application Instructions

Application process:

Note: All required documents and forms are available on the Application Forms page.

  1. The Registrar shall publish the examination schedule and application procedure on the CCPM website at least four months prior to the examination date. The fee schedule will be structured in such a manner so as to recover the costs associated with various aspects of the examination process.

  2. Candidates for the Membership examination shall submit all required documentation to the CCPM office by the deadline specified on the application form and on the CCPM website. Only in exceptional circumstances will missing information be accepted after the application deadline, subject to approval by the Registrar.

  3. The applicant shall submit to the CCPM office a completed and signed application form.

  4. The applicant shall submit to the CCPM office an up-to-date curriculum vitae and documentary evidence of university degrees in the form of official transcripts or certified copies of diplomas.

  5. The applicant shall solicit references as described in section D.2.5 of the CCPM regulations. The applicant shall give one copy each of the completed application form, referee assessment form and curriculum vitae to each referee and request that the referees ensure their completed and signed response is sent directly to the CCPM office, to arrive prior to the application deadline.

  6. The applicant shall pay the required fee, as set out in the fee schedule, prior to the application deadline. In the case of payment by non-electronic means, a cheque or money order for the appropriate fee, payable to the CCPM, shall be sent to the CCPM office such as to arrive prior to the application deadline.

  7. The CCPM office shall collate the documentation for each candidate and forward it to the members of the Credentials Committee(s) at least eight weeks before the examination date.

  8. The Registrar shall notify at least four weeks before the examination date all applicants of their eligibility to sit the Membership Examination based on the outcome of the review of their credentials. The Registrar shall, at the same time, notify the Chief-Examiner of all candidates who are eligible for the exam.

  9. If the application is not approved, or if the application is withdrawn at least 4 weeks prior to the written examination, an amount as specified in the schedule of fees shall be refunded. After that time, refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Board.

  10. For all applications whose decision is deferred to the Board by the Credentials Committee(s), the Board must arrive at a decision in a timely manner allowing for the applicant to be informed at least four weeks prior to the examination date.

  11. Applicants denied permission to sit the examination by a Credentials Committee may appeal to the Board within two weeks of their notification of the decision. Such appeals shall be dealt with at the next Board meeting or at such other time as the Board may determine.

  12. Eligibility for the membership examination, as granted by the Credentials Committee(s) or the Board is valid for three years including the year of application. Candidates who do not successfully complete the membership examination in that time may re-apply for eligibility for a further three years by re-submitting a new application including an up-to-date curriculum vitae and letters of reference. Candidates will not be required to resubmit evidence of education unless they have new qualifications. Their application will be subject to the eligibility requirements in place in the Regulations of the College at that time and full application fees.

  13. The Board reserves the right to reject applications without explanation.