Fellowship Eligibility

The Fellowship Examination is a two-stage process.  First the candidate must satisfy to the credentialing committee that he/she meets the minimum eligibility requirements for admission to the Fellowship examination process. Applicants for Fellowship must have additional work experience beyond that required for membership in the CCPM, and have made significant contributions in clinical service, education and/or research related to medical physics. If these requirements are met, the applicant must then successfully complete the examination process, after which he or she will be granted the Fellowship distinction at the next Annual General Meeting of the College.

The criteria for Fellowship in the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine are set out in the Regulations of the organization.  Minimum requirements for admission to the Fellowship examination include the following:

  • Certification: Applicants for the Fellowship examination shall be Members of the CCPM or be certified as competent by another recognized certifying body.

  • Work experience: Applicants for the Fellowship examination shall possess a minimum of seven years full time equivalent patient related experience in physics as applied to medicine. 

  • Referees: Three satisfactory letters of reference shall be provided, each attesting that the candidate meets the experience requirements and has abided by the CCPM Code of Ethics. Two of the letters of reference must be from medical physicists. At least one medical physicist referee must be a CCPM member with the fellowship distinction or, at the discretion of the CCPM Board, by another recognized certifying body. The third letter must be from a board-certified physician. The letters must be written by persons who have worked with the candidate in the previous 5 years and are directly familiar with the candidate’s clinical experience.

  • Canadian Connection: The CCPM certification process is intended to serve Canadians.  Candidates are expected to fulfill at least one of the following criteria:  be a Canadian citizen; be resident in Canada; have completed a university degree in Canada; have completed a medical physics residency program in Canada; or have a confirmed job offer in Canada.  Under exceptional circumstances, candidates not fulfilling any of these criteria may be eligible at the discretion of the Board.  In such circumstances, an out-of-country application fee equal to three times the normal application fee will apply.