Application Information

Application Information

Applications for certification should be sent to:

The application should include:
a) An up-to-date curriculum vitae; and
b) Evidence to show competence on evaluation of a mammographic facility, including:
(i) An example of all the raw data collected and films obtained at the time of a mammography unit inspection; and
(ii) The final report of the inspection outlined in (i).

It is recommended (but not mandatory) that the first inspection be done under the supervision of a certified Mammography Physicist.

Certification Requirements

  1. Applicants for the Membership examination shall possess a degree in Physics or a related subject from a recognized university.  Notwithstanding, other applicants may be considered in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Committee, but with the approval of the College Board.
  2. Applicants must have completed at least 15 hours of continuing education on relevant matters in mammography during the 3 years preceding the application date for certification by the CCPM.
  3. Applicants for the Certification examination shall possess a minimum of one year full time equivalent spent in surveying medical imaging systems.  The applicant must have surveyed at least 2 mammography facilities and a total of at least 6 mammographic units during this period.  No more than one survey of a specific unit within a period of 60 days can be counted towards the total mammography unit survey requirement.  This experience must be completed by the date of the application for examination.
  4. Applicants shall be required to submit a letter of reference demonstrating that the candidate's practice is satisfactory in terms of technical competence, professionalism and ethics, from a certified medical physicist, or from a Member or Fellow of the College.
  5. The applicant shall abide by the College Code of Ethics.
  6. The applicant shall provide a satisfactory mammography survey report realized under the supervision of a mammography certified physicists (or under the supervision of some other individual of adequate knowledge, as determined by the Committee), submitted together with pertinent documentation.

More information can be found in the CCPM Regulations.


Click here for application fees; cheques should be made payable to CCPM.