Mammography Certification

Mammography Certification

The Canadian Association of Radiologists operates the accreditation program for mammography facilities in Canada.

The Committee on Physics of Mammography Certification of the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) accredits those who are qualified to perform the physics component of this program.

Health Canada has published the Canadian Mammography Quality Guidelines. It states that all Medical Physicists conducting surveys of mammography facilities and providing oversight of the facility quality assurance program:

"must be accredited in Medical Physics of Mammography by the Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine (CCPM) or its equivalent, or any relevant provincial/territorial licence."

If you like to obtain an electronic copy (PDF document) of the guidelines, pleased visit the mammography publications section of the Health Canada web site.

If you like to obtain a printed copy, please contact:

Health Canada
Address Locator 0900C2
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K9

List of Physicists Certified in Mammography