Recertification Requirements

The following information is required for the recertification online process:

1.      A referee who is a CCPM, ABMP or ABR certified physicist and can confirm your active, ethical and competent participation in Medical Physics activities in the declared specialty area over the past five years.  (Where the applicant is the sole certified Physicist in an institution, the physician with the highest administrative responsibility for that sub-specialty, e.g., Head of Radiation Oncology, Head of Nuclear Medicine, etc., could be the referee).

2.     You will require 50 credits over the 5 year period (or up to a 7 year period for those who have been away from the field temporarily and have CCPM approval).  The exact period is from October 1st five years ago, up to and including September 30th of this year. For more details on the credit system, please check the CCPM Regulations.

Additional information about the re-certification process is available on the FAQ page.  Please feel free to contact Ali Forgie-, CCPM Administrator if you have any questions or require further information.