Application Instructions

Application process:

Note: All required documents and forms are available on the Application Forms page.

  1. Medical Physicists with appropriate experience may apply for Membership in the College using the Membership Application Form. Note that Section 2.4 is very important and is used to assess your patient-related experience and your more general medical physics experience. Be specific about duties and dates.
  2. Append an up-to-date curriculum vitae to your application.
  3. Applicants for Membership must arrange for proof of highest degree to be sent directly from your university to the COMP/CCPM office (e.g. transcripts or certified copy of degree).
  5. Applicants for Fellowship who do not have MCCPM (e.g. have ABR or other similar certification instead), must arrange for proof of degree to be sent as in (3) above.
  6. Give a copy of the Membership Referee Assessment Form, the Membership Referee Cover Letter, the College Bylaws and the Membership Examination Standards to each referee along with a copy of your application form and curriculum vitae. The referees will be asked to review the application, complete the assessment form and forward the form and their copy of the application directly to the Registrar c/o the COMP/CCPM Office. Be sure to inform the referees of the application deadline so that all documentation is received by the Registrar on time.
  7. Candidates for Fellowship must demonstrate wide ranging knowledge in Medical Physics and advanced knowledge in their field of specialty. Separate application forms are used by Fellowship candidates. The Fellowship Application Form should be completed and copies of the Fellowship Referee Assessment Form, the Fellowship Referee Cover Letter, the College bylaws and the Fellowship Examination Standards should be sent to the referees.
  8. Send the original application with a cheque or money order (see Examination Schedule for current fee) payable to the CCPM, to the Registrar at the address on the application form. (The original application sent directly plus the copies sent by the referees provide the copies necessary for review.) You may apply for both Membership and Fellowship in the same year but in this case do not send the Fellowship fee until after you have passed the Membership exam.
  9. There is only one Membership and one Fellowship exam each year. The Fellowship exam is normally held at the location of the COMP/CCPM annual scientific meeting on one of the days immediately prior to the start of the meeting. The written membership exam is generally held about twelve weeks prior to the Fellowship exam. Written exam locations are dispersed throughout the country, with every effort made to provide exam writing centres close to the applicant’s place of residence. The oral Membership exam is held about 3 weeks prior to the COMP/CCPM annual scientific meeting. The oral exam is held in one central location only, and candidates will need to make personal travel arrangements to sit the exam, as required. The application deadline for both Membership and Fellowship examinations will be about ten weeks prior to the written Membership exam. Consult the Examination Schedule for the exact dates.
  10. Applicants will normally be notified of their eligibility for examination within two weeks of the scheduled written examination.
  11. Applicants who have been given permission to take an examination within the last two years but who withdrew or failed need only write to the Registrar by the application deadline indicating they wish to be examined and enclosing the appropriate fee. Applicants who have passed the written but need to resit the oral examination again need to say so in writing to the Registrar and enclose the current oral-only fee by the deadline date.
  12. Members who wish to apply for Fellowship must submit an application unless already given permission as in the previous item above. The requirement for three referees can be reduced to only one Medical Physicist referee if the applicant became a member within the last two years.
  13. Once the application has been approved, notification of withdrawal should be directed to the Chief Examiner. If the applicant fails the written Membership exam, the portion of the fee associated with the oral exam will be refunded.
  14. Applicants may appeal decisions for denial of application to the Board.
  15. Membership in the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists must not lapse in order to maintain Membership or Fellowship status with the College
  16. Overseas applicants must bear any additional costs associated with the exam, e.g. shipment of the framed certificate to an overseas destination.